Lumiere International Pageantry provides an empowering platform for women of all ages to cultivate their self-confidence and spark positive change within themselves and the global community. Our mission is to foster a community that inspires the world with a passionate mindset for women’s empowerment and awareness around mental health. Through our platform, women from all walks of life can come together to share their advocacy and collectively make a difference.


Our mission is to empower women all across the globe, fostering fearlessness and independence. We strive to build a diverse community of leaders and role models, from every stage of life – whether they be a child, teenager, young adult, or seasoned professional. We believe in the power of self-improvement and kindness, pushing ourselves and others to become the best version of ourselves. Our vision also includes showcasing the unique talents and fashionable creations from our community to the world stage.


Lumiere International’s guiding vision as a world leading professional beauty line brand is to create a Global Women Network that spans across diverse cultures, a Training Center Worldwide that fosters innovation and experimentation, and promote an International Network that is dedicated to building a better world. By consistently innovating and prioritizing professional development, the resources of this esteemed beauty line are being enriched and developed, offering unparalleled know-how and practical experience to empower women around the globe.