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Clarification of Allegations based by Melissa Wix & Notice of Death Threats Received

Clarification of Allegations based by Melissa Wix & Notice of Death Threats Received

Press Release- 15 February 2018.

Clarification of Allegations based by Melissa Wix & Notice of Death Threats Received

Dear All,

It has come to our attention that on 14 February 2018, 9.32am, we received a message from Melissa Wix with regards to her death threat mentioning “From Christine Huang: Tell her Thank you for her curse, my husband is recovered, now I have more time to finish her”. We believe that Melissa Wix has conspired with Christine Huang hence, she had the intentions for all these false allegations only to be able to set up her own pageantry company in Singapore and work with Christine Huang.

Christine Huang is the owner and CEO of Golden International (Taiwan) and is planning to head to Singapore in July 2018 to set up a pageantry in Singapore, hence we believe that they have the ill intentions together with Melissa Wix in collaboration just to harm our company reputation name. Christine Huang is only currently facing other controversy cases in many parts of the world for infringing their international pageantry names such as [ Miss Teen International, Miss Progress International, Miss Earth and Mister Globe]. The owners of these pageantry have all gathered evidence against her ill intentions.

We do not take such death threat lightly and have filed a police report followed by a magistrate court order on her potential death threat to harm our chairman and committee members. The police are currently in investigation towards Christine Huang and Melissa Wix for their intentions to harm our company. Our company would also reserve the rights to take legal actions on the both of them.

Clarification towards the news article from “The Independent Singapore”

It had also come to our intention that Melissa Wix has expressed her displeased of us “Using her photos”. Do note that the photos mentioned were photos of our pageantry ladies from Miss Lumiere International World and Mrs Worldwide Singapore 2017. The photo rights are all belonged to our company and of no part her photos. This had been clarified by the photographer himself, Mr Peter Lee. Melissa Wix was only the sponsor of the gown and of which, our company had in return gave her company “The Gown Club” the publicity by giving credits to her on the photos and the captions as well as giving her an official certificate.

It has come to our company attention that she has misused these photos for commercial purposes on a platform named “Carousell” and would hereby give a notification that she is in no part allowed to use the photographs for her own commercial purposes. We would further request for her company to remove all said photos from all types of platforms before we seek legal means on our intellectual property rights.

Best Regards,

The Management Team of Lumiere International Pageantry

Press Release- 13 February 2018.Clarification of Allegations based by Melissa Wix.Dear All,It has come to our…

Posted by Lumiere International Pageantry on Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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